Перевод песни Jupiter Rising – Foolish

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Oh, I've been a fool
for so long
thinking you were there
I turned around
I found myself
standing there.
foolishg for your love
foolish for your kiss, foolish
foolish for your eyes and your lies.
I've been a fool
I've been a fool
Illusion is sometimes
the easy road
I found myself day dreaming all night long
thoughts of you
on my mind
as I played that old record
Foolish for love, foolish for your kiss
foolsih for your eyes
and your lies that I miss
lipstick on your collar
all them dollars in your wallet
phone numbers in your pocket stuffed in a sock drawer
I hate you
I could walk right down the hall
cause I know where you sleep
I coudl take care of it all
greater love, dark, so deep
As I cross the hall to you with this blade
in my hand, open eyes
see me stand, heart attack at dinner
I'm a fool for your love
and a fool for your kiss
a fool for your eyes and your lies
I'm a fool
over you, such a foo, over you
I'm such a fool over you
I'm over you, I'm over you, I'm over you