Перевод песни Informatik – Autonomous

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Welcome, this is central control
We decide what's good for your soul
Do not bother to resist us We know your friends and they'll assist us There is safety in sameness
Why go and blame us?
We're not mistaken
You'll be happier this way
With not much left to discuss
There's no use feeling anonymous
I'd rather find out for myself
I must remain autonomous
I must
How can you still think it perverse
When a greater good is being served?
Everyone please pay attention
Reality's your own invention
I've seen it with my own two eyes
You twist the truth into your lies
I do not hear a word you say
So save your breath and go away
I'm not like you, I'm not the same
Just try to make me play your game
There is one thing that you can trust
I will remain autonomous
I don't need anyone
To show me the way
I'll be there soon enough
It doesn't matter what day
Listen to me Feel how I feel
Just see what I see
Nothing is real