Перевод песни Din Fiv – Not Our Love

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Who said it's better when it's measure for measure
A walk in the park could never touch this ever
If you're feeling clever, my little treasure
Get down on your knees and pull the lever
No need to worry 'cause I won't make a fuss
When matters like these require a personal touch
I can't get enough of watching you from above
If there's one thing that I'm thinking of it's...
Not our love
Just give it a shot, there's not a lot to discuss
Do not stop 'cause you'll know when I've had enough
My view from up top is becoming too much
'Cause the one thing that I'm thinking of is...
Not our love
Don't love me now
Not our love
Just do me now
There'll be no one to blame
Don't even tell me your name
But you will get what you earn
Good deeds deserve a good turn
If you're looking for love, how about instead a good shove
Just give me a second while I slip on a glove
I'd be glad to oblige you if you'd like it rough
'Cause the only thing I'm thinking of is...
I don't need you to hold my hand
I'm not asking you to understand
You don't have to be as smart as the others
I just want some pleasure under the covers