Перевод песни Din Fiv – Let It Go

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In case you forget, I'm here to remind you
Such a waste, a mind so small confines you
Won't find me because I'm right behind you
Look at the sun for too long, it will blind you
You're out of luck 'cause this time you're on your own
If I were you, I'd just leave me the hell alone
I've got this feeling way down deep inside my soul
I think it's time for you to try to let it go Fools in control, full of rules to follow
I'm not even sure why one should even bother
To make an attempt to uphold the status quo
Perhaps it's time for you to try to let it go
I'll get through despite you
I don't have to fight you
Everything you say and do Will come right back to bite you
If all around stuff starts to blow
I won't say I told you so But there's something you ought to know
It's time for you to let it go Just leave me alone