Перевод песни Moxy Fruvous – I Love My Boss

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He can't stand a loss
He's always cross
His name is Ross... my (boss)
I love my boss
I love my boss
He isn't full of fluff and gloss
He gives me work and many chores to do
My model, like Ben Cartwright to Hoss
And though he pays me minimum wage
It's all I deserve at this stage
Some union hack said I should ask for more
I answered with suitable rage
I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
One day I came to work too late
I'd had a Früvous luncheon date
My boss he summoned me to speak with him
I sweated, awaiting my fate
He said «you're done!»
He chased me two blocks with a gun
But my dear boss let me apologize
In hindsite, there wasn't a gun.
He's going out now with my sister
They go real heavy on the sauce
I'd like to tell him watch out mister
But he's the boss
My friends they say that I am clinging
Ask why I'm carrying this cross
Who knows what club-med will be bringing
From dear old boss
(spoken by Jian)
Bosses through the ages prove
They're the ones who make it move
Bewitched would have an empty plate
If it weren't for Larry Tate
Clark Kent reached the highest height
With the help of Perry White
And if we may be retrograde
Speak the name Reuben Kincaid
Now the other workers all say «Wow!»
When I roll over and I shake a paw
My boss is my brother-in-law
I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
From the Liner:
1990- Whistle while you work.