Перевод песни Tam Tam Go – Lawrence's Heart Is Weak

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He had a weak heart from once upon a time
He used to cry when mamme left him alone
He never had sweet dreams but just nightmares
Called out just any name and on one cared
Doom was the only suit he had
The only word he could spell
Lawrence's heart
One day he came along with me
to see the moon standing bright
I filled him up with fancy thoughts
was ready then to beat alive
Six years are gone without delay
that monster came and ate his prey
Time after yet we are the same
his tale was short
Who is to blame?
Lawrence's heart is weak
One day, I saw him kissing the edge
Creeping to the border line
I've never seen such a being sublime
No risk no danger taht he couldn't fight
Fot that I learnt he was alive
Is now that moon standing brigth
Fot that I learnt he was alive
Is now that moon that shines
Lawrence's heart is weak
Lawrence's heart need tender care