Перевод песни The Line – D-term Nation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Less is more
So wrong your right
So many meaning
On different levels
Confident yet relaxed
Double negative
Half empty half full
Daily routine my ears hurt from the solitude
My only amplitude
Determination and constant frustration
Should you fall asleep or turn the key
I care if you win or lose
You think life is hit or miss
Attention ladies and gentlemen
We'd like to seize this opportunity
It's thrown from the sky our hands reach to grab
Exploration detonation termination rebel
Good friends need to make amends
All our time spent working hard, trying to find the gold
We lost our friendship then grew old in to different worlds
Were did we go wrong?
All our time spent working hard, finally found the gold
But our relationship never could be bought or sold
Were did we go wrong?