Перевод песни Ike Reilly – Duty Free (Solo)

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Salesmen and Racists
Duty Free
There are some lines that cant be crossed
But sometimes those lines get lost
Should I stay or should I cross?
I was crippled
When you were faithful I was wasted
Do you need anything from duty free?
I gotta get out of this endless day
Do you need anything from duty free?
I gotta get out of the U.S.A.
Kickin in gifts to the trickers and treaters
Kill em with kindness and gifts for the needy
Brinkman and Lloyd’s or I’ll drink it from toilets
Sit on your glasses while your money gets moist
Hide all the luggage you better hide it from trouble
Smells like the '40s like Europe and rubble
The locals dont know you theyre the ones you want love from
Comforts or cots let me check yeah I got one
If I could I would change my name
And get a girl and jump a plane
I overheard them say they want to rearrange their faces
And blow out their brains
I was strange while I was wasted