Перевод песни Ike Reilly – Cash Is King (Solo)

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Livin in the same old town
Lookin at the same old crowd
Growin dumb and drunk and loud
Got that football pride (Made a livin on the line)
Get a little on the side
Cash is king and I ain't lying
Had a little money didnt really want it
Got a little more I'm gonna flaunt it
Drink my kid meet my friends
Got a brand new ride
(Two-lease package on the side)
Crown Vic for her on the block
Cash is king and kitten walks
Yeah (x14)
Tried a weekend up in singing
Little kittens ears are ringing
Rattlin El Camino keys
Singing St. James Infirmary
Let it go let it go god bless her
Wherever she may be
Saddle bus pick up a stranger
Where's that football pride? (Your community now)
Your party style (And your rotary smile)
My Crown Vic rocks
Cash is king and kitten...
Cash is king and kitten...
Cash is king and kitten walks