Перевод песни Broken Spindles – This Is An Introduction

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Excuse me
I'd like to introduce me Explain me The best that I can
I make lists
Like crossing lines off a list
A line marked out
Means I am closer to complete
I'm quite quiet on rare out nights
My mouth tightens up I don't like small words
With people who are dressed up
I'm always cold
My blood strolls through me slow
Limbs to fend for themselves
My head hurts
Sometimes don't know why it hurts
But when it does
It's the only time I take a drug
I have a brother who's been drunk for twelve years, he's blacked out
Too much to clean up My father
We don't talk
Or when he calls
I hang up My other brother's got a baby
Who I've seen once
I'm not even sure where he lives
It's hard for people to get close to me when I'm so distant
Excuse me
I'd like to introduce me Explain me Explain me Oh, I bought a house
And I live with my love
She left her city
To be with me
I'm gone
All the time
And she is thinking
Pretty hard about leaving me