Перевод песни Sorry About Dresden – Sick And Sore

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You get up
Sick and sore
Not sure what day it is, or where you are
Go out, cause that's what you do
You figure, better go through the motions
Before they go through you
The kids come out
And the cops can't cope
The streets are overflowing with petty promises and misplaced hope
You're scared
So you flee
To the safety and the comfort of familiar company
Everybody knows as soon as you walk in
What's your game
And how you win
So you hide
In this crowd
Where everybody's drinking to themselves
And thinking out loud
They're cold and cruel
Crass and corrupt
More arrogant than interesting
And so full of themselves
They're spitting up
They finish every sentence you begin
You say it's just a game
They say you always win
They all want to know
Hey, where you been
You been right there
But they don't care
They just ask they don't listen
Do you dream sometimes
Of going far away
Where no one knows your name
Where people don't pretend
Disappoint, lie or betray
And know each mistake you've made
But that place don't exist
Except in wishes that you've made
It's just a sad charade
You're afraid to be afraid, to be afraid
In this smoke and this filth
You barely can breathe
And you're wasting your breathe
Coughing up reasons to leave
'til they run you out
Then you spin out and speed
But all theses corners that you're cutting
Are starting to bleed
And they'll bleed you 'til you're just bone and skin
That's theit game
And you can't win
Well you ain't ever won a goddamn thing
It's a game, you can't win
You may not lose, but you never win
You never win