Перевод песни Maria Taylor – Lynn Teeter Flower

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LYNN Teeter Flower. Flower. Lynn. Lynn. Lynn. Teet-er Teet-er Teet-er Teet-er
Teet-er Flower
Lynn. Lynn. Teeter Flow-er
Lynn, Lynn Teet-er Flow-werrrrrr
Maria: «We're gonna have some more tunes and um, and we're NOT gonna stop!»
Mr. Taylor: «Let's stop and listen to that.»
Maria: «Ok. Uh, wha... what?»
Mr. Taylor: «Let's just stop for now. We'll do it again later on.»
Maria: «Oh. We're stoppin, Momma.»
Mr. Taylor: «I think we've gotta hit there.»
Maria: «We'll do it later on.»
Mr Taylor: «Let's take a listen on that one.»
Maria: «Yah.»
Mr Taylor: «Maria's a blues singer. I just knew it all along.»