Перевод песни Bright Eyes – I Watched You Taking Off

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Meaning is sometimes hard to spot
It begins with the flickering of cigarettes
In the darkness of a dorm room
Somewhere in the suffocated mid-west
And if this is real then I was mistaken
And if there is truth then why can't we find it?
Beauty comes to those who have been waiting for something
Bigger than themselves
This is the sound of the hopeless kids
As they scream from the basements of the houses of their parents
And this is the sound of the hopeless ones
As they stare down at their books
And realize they have been lied to But if this is real then I was mistaken
And the vision fades as quickly as it came
Consistency like that which I have craved
Is that people change so unexpectedly
And realization finds you in a drunken airport
Some planes depart and others never arrived
So with this in mind I don't plan on waiting
If its time to leave and break these old ties
Without something else this vision is fading
But until its gone the pain will make us try
But this is the hope
I have been searching for
As the wings catch the sunlight of this cold Nebraska skyline
This is the dream I am dying in I will wake to find tomorrow
Be content without perfection
But if this is real then I was mistaken
And if the vision is gone then I was not aware