Перевод песни Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Glue Girls

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Two sisters
Ever so inseparable
One saw right through me
One I handed an apple
I tried to change their chemistry
I tried to make one stick to me
She can make your tongue
She can make your tongue
Make your tongue stick to the sun
And maybe if I lay low
Love will fall around my door
The dogs will let me know
So suck it up, Sharon, maybe it’s time
You and your sister finally severed the line
Don’t pass me over again
Your fickle heart’s unwavering
Maybe if I lay low
Love will fall around my door and
Maybe I won’t, but your cold eyes baby
Tell me I should be looking for love with some other girl
C’mon girls this isn’t funny
Got my head tied to the sun
Should I choose not to run?
Heard you laughing behind your friend
Getting in the car again
Now you’re acting like she was pretending
We can walk the road, kicking up the dust
We can take it slow, stop me if you want
Let me in your love, that’s all that I want
Let me in your love- it’s sticky when we touch
Whoa- whoa- whoa-whoa