Перевод песни Saturday Looks Good To Me – Spiderbite

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
One, two, three
All the animals in the trees
Have their games and devices
And our bones be In the forests of memory
Where the animals bury us Down underwater and underground
You feel me like the branches beneath your feet
Like the bones in your shoulders
Or possibly like the spiderbite in your sleep
Like the kiss your remember from a dream
And I feel your terrible beauty
In the world that's surrounding me I see this unbearable beauty in the light all around me One two three
All the evidence points to me But there's no way of knowing
And the jury is the bottomless angry sea
Are the leaves blowing off of the trees
And I feeled this terrible beauty
Like a song coming out of me
I stopped when I heard singing ring through the trees
And the voices around me said,
«All of the world sings inside you.
All of your love and your lies, too.
And you can't be afraid anymore.»