Перевод песни 31Knots – Sedition's Wish

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Roadblock after check-point
I pass undetected,
Under the employ of Anger and redemption.
Slowly on my way to Kill.
Have not (seen with sober?)
Somber as a soldier
Asked to give his life, still
Blinded by devotion.
For a king whose court loves
Blood as much as gold.
Can affection fade for
Lives of pious glory
In attempt to spin more elaborate a story.
As to why I travel so far
Foolishly his court...
Suddenly I find my self inside the main gates.
This is for the lies you
Say with such a straight face.
Pushing in the blade make
ivory tower thieves pay.
With a blood that runs as Cold as it is soulless.
Call the palace guards
'Cause you know you can't control this
Not now
It's sinister how
Not now
It's sinister how
Not now
Not now