Перевод песни 31Knots – Hearsay

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Come close and tiptoeWhisper simplisticLike chalk on sidewalkOver and over
This is all just hearsayPlacid attachmentsWar torn embracingOver and over
See teeth just gnashingBlueblood on blackboardSwallow a mouthfulOver and over
With the world falling down at a pace that breaks usRolling like the credits
that end againWe really needed to believe in thisDerivative irrelevant smoke
and mirrors
No more maybe I'm numb, babyNo more hanging pressure in the air so calmYour
honor will they hear me over all that laughter
Mummy and daddy I see the pretty gavelsThey will make all the choices for meI
simply move to the pace of angelsI don't swagger, I just dangle
Why is this so difficult? Because I can't seeWhy is this so difficult?
Because I can't breathe
This is just transition, nothing moreWatching the world dumb down to an all-time low
And I was stuck in a steady surveillanceof an outpost of ingrateslocked down
and uptightdestined to makeshiftdirections to sunsetmany more momentswere more
mal intentioned
so maybe they're winningwith wisdom we wantedso be it sophiayour glamour is gone
So we surrendered, in silence still hopingHoping, still hoping they're that
then and nothing more
Over and overOver and overOver and overOver!