Перевод песни Aloha – Goodbye To The Factory

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Goodbye to the make-believe
Goodbye to the foundry
Long have you pumped oxygen
Into everything around me
If you saw the factory
You would know exactly
Time machines, fringe tame freeze
Which one can we reprieve?
We don’t see it anymore
Not in this life, maybe yours
We’ll not come home
We’ll not touch ground
Take me to my favorite spot
And promise me they’re still around
What’s blown up, must come down
It seems a waste to grow so great
Just to be put in the ground
No, the earth will reject this now
Goodbye battle, paper thin
Money’s thicker, market wins
Buy the boss a frosty drink
?'s playing, hearts sink
Confectionary memories
Are all I have to guide me
Golden leaves, union dreams
What are these all worth without them?
We don’t argue anymore
Not in this life, maybe yours
Our childhood toys
From the aisles made noise
Took them while the captor slept
Now with us they’re kept
Oh, let 'em die
The world goes by
Their home’s among the dawn poised and laid to fall
Without a thought at all
The earth will accept them large and small
Don’t let it die, the world goes by
I love the cold for freezing time
What’s the hurry? Do you mind?
What goes up, must come down
It seems a waste to grow so great
Just to be pushed to the ground
The earth’s gonna turn us down
There’s another way out
It’s all around
C’mon, c’mon, forward
Oh, c’mon, c’mon, everyone