Перевод песни Joan of Arc – Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I've materialized
Into this worded world
A metaphysical skeptic
An insomniac narcoleptic
SoI live alone
With Ben Fraknlin's ghost
He's my freemason and I'm his host
In my dictionary
Of this worried world
There's 57 different definitions of time
And we debate each heatedly repeatedly
Benjamin insists intentions don't exist
And it's through unknown reaching
We each remain
Our own best intentions
But as each machine demands its own language
And each language demands its own grammar
If DC's streets make a neat pentagram
And every dollar bill brags god's behind our plan
Who am I to have any idea who I am?
So we might fight all night every night
But we seem to agree on stormcloud study
This lady's man's ghost and me and stormcloud study