Перевод песни Joan Of Arc – Abigail, Cops And Animals

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Abigail had a job at which she had to comp
Every cup of coffee that he may want
And now there two sat opposite each other at parallel tables
Like they park their cars
Like little dogs sniffing under each others tails
She rolled the forks
Knives and spoon in napkins and stacked them
Wondering will her wild will really free her for awhile
And to the agents of the state she guessed that more than one way to skin a cat
must mean only two
So Abigail had to break a dollar
Bill so one of the cops could tip her when
She realized the bottom bills never really get touched
We just exchange the ones on top when we make change
And even if her wild will will really free
Her for awhile if you let the cops lead
Any march you’ll just get a horseshit trail to march in