Перевод песни Joan of Arc – Fleshy Jeffrey

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You learn to sit and you learn to listen. you learned your not lost if your not
Your sick with wonder make complete new sickness
Thinkin' 'bout your brain and ya lost faith in names
But believin' in belief remains the rule of any game. well Jeffrey, oh Jeffrey
Oh it's a small town and everyone's in on it, but don't be ashamed to name what
you want
And don't be afraid to say what you mean
Name your needs however you need name 'em
And when the smoke comes risin' 'round your window after midnight never forget
Never forget, a vampire must be invited in, oh Jeffrey, oh Jeffrey
So you suspect me as something 'cause I'm new around here and a bit strange
We'll others think, as I'm puttin' the fun back in funeral
Let the dead fix in memory, solution
I'm finally quieting any rooms hum and the role of the outdoors
So what if you are what you eat, then I'm most comfortable handcuffed
I've only one question left unanswered, by both sid vicious and my mother
Me Who? Me Who? Me