Перевод песни Saturday Looks Good To Me – Typing

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You spent such a long time typing
That you forgot how to write letters
And your friends all say you’re better off
Cause you got out when you did
But you can’t help feeling restless
Like there’s something you can’t remember
And you can’t stop walking round at night
Like some broken hearted kid
All the ones who tried to tie you down
Couldn’t even start to understand
Couldn’t find the words to hold your hand
Couldn’t comprehend the master plan
All the books you started reading
All the boys you started seeing
Every half completed sentiment
That you always meant to say
Gets stuck inside a memory
Like a miracle unfinished
And you only feel like going back
To where there’s no place to stay
All the ones to tried to tie you down
To tell you lies
And keep you you on the ground
They all tried but never had a chance