Перевод песни Aloha – With the Lights Out, We Sing

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This is a mission to find out how you made me out and wished me to your lair
Dank and sweet, candlelit, gently
Those ghosts of yours make the softest noise
And I don't feel so strange
Can I ask you to what kind of world are you taking me?
I'm up for anything
What kind of place is this that you're keeping me?
Oh, I'll take anything
I don't want to live where I stay
This is a blessing
And all I want is time
Stretching out the time
The darkness
Wont hold you
The darkness
Wont hold you
Wont hold you
That is the story I left with
Bluest blue from the faucet
An orange bug crawled from the basement
In a cloud of smoke, you were gorgeous