Перевод песни ABC – Alphabet Soup

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Hit me one time
Hit me twice
The power’s coming
My power’s coming
The pen is mightier than the sword
You’re gonna hear my vocal cords
In the beginning there was high-tec
In the beginning there was low-tec
In the beginning there was the discotheque
We know what’s good
We know what’s bad
We know what’s supper-bad
In the beginning there was rhythm
In the beginning there was drums
In the beginning mister bass man …
Perfect rhythm is the sign of a true thoroughbred
Meet drum aristocrat Mr. David Robinson
A sucker
A sucker for syncopation
Let your fingers do the walkin'
Let mister bass man do the talkin'
The sound you are hearing is the background
Is the sound of mister bass man and his bass, too
Mister Bizz and his alphabet
The sound of plastic and elastic
That puts the whole alphabetical soup together
Umm taste nice
Am I right or am I wrong
You’ll find this mark where the beat goes on
6 strings at his disposal
60's soul in his whole low
Mr. Mark White, Mr. Mark White
City light, tonight, and every night
Hit me, hit me, hit me
I’m swimming against the tide
Now sax — equal sex — equal sax
Which makes Stephen pornographic
Telephone — ex-directory, saxophone — whoa
Go go go go go
Hit me
Listen, listen, listen
Hit me good, hit me good
Take it down
Take it down to Mr. B
And Mr. …
Take it down to the slums
Let’s not forget the guy that rhyems moon whith tune
And croons with tunes
Let the golden throat preacher
And the golden teach ya
Presenting Mr. Martin Fry
Hit me
I hold in my hand 3 letters
I hold in my hand 3 letters
Good god
The power
The power
If you can’t stand the heat
Get out of the kitchen
Can’t stand the fire
Go too
Can’t stand the heat
Get out of the kitchen
Can’t stand the fire
Go too
I said power
I said my power is coming
I said power
I said my powers was coming
It’s coming
Coming again
So hit me with some power
I said
So hit me with some power
Sock me
Sock me
A vitamin
I got 3 vitamins
Modern drugs if you like
3 vitamins
I can’t remember the first
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
And er
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin C
Lets take it down
Get out of the kitchen