Перевод песни Sistars – I'm Sorry

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You band I could never last
The diffeerence was in characters
We couldn't ever see it
You You band I could never be
Cause she came so suddenly
And fell in love with her
(I fell in love with another girl)
You and I 'bout to stop
Stop crying baby
Stop doing that thang
Don't try to understand
Telling words is all I can
And I ay I'm sorry
Yeah babe
Ref: And I say I'm sorry
You and I
I lovey you so
U broke my heart and now you'er gone
Don't want U hear me crying
My heart is kind of dying
But if you say this honestyl
That U are not my destiny
I understand
The truth is here
No other words and nothing more to say but sorry
You know it hurts me so
But I really really wanna let you know
There are some thing you can't control
What we really need to do is to let it go