Перевод песни Sistars – My Music

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We met each other long time ago
When I was about a three years old
That time we ...
That no one of us is gonna leave the other
She come in to listen to my heart
So I could find my source my pride, yeah
She never betrayed me or lie to me
She's the one I could believe
My music, set me free, fill me
My music, move my brain, for feeling me (x4)
Boy, now it came to me
Shame on me, I was blind but now I see
This music is so much bigger than me
Growing steel (?), through the centuries
Didn't know how to do my thing
I didn't know to handle this game
Now's my turn, I'm doing this shit
Gimme your hand and follow me
And this is how the story goes
I been around the world, been around the coast
If I'm wrong, if I'm sick, stop me now
But tell me how could I stop making chicks go 'woow'
I'm about brake of something proper
As you see nobody can stop us
Taking the time, I'm doing this shit
Gimme me your hand and follow me
My music (la la la)
To the end...