Перевод песни Lluis Llach – Damunt d'una terra - directo

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AUTHOR: Llu¡s Llach
(translation is not accurate, but... you get the meaning ;))
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Damunt d'una terra Over a land
Vailet, et diuen que a les guerres Boy, they say in wars
Tan sols hi ha tristeses, there is only sadness
No s'hi guanya mai. no one ever win
Damunt d'aquesta terra encesa Over this lighted land
Tot all que s feble everything weak
Vol ignorar els mals wants to ignore all diseases
I en Maurici va escoltar And Maurici heard
Per segueix a terra sense fer-ne cas, but stays in land taking no notice
Perqu uns altres li han dit tant because others said so much to him
Que la seva vida s patir sota el fang that his life is suffer under mud
Recorda les raons que un dia Remember the reasons that one day
Varen canviar els signes changed the signs
D'aquell temps passat. of that past time
Ell ha marcat la teva vida He marked your life
Amb una ferida with a wound
Que tu has decorat you have embellished
I en Maurici va escoltant And Maurici keeps hearing
I pensa que ja sap and thinks he knows
El perqu dels mals. the cause to all diseases
Per se'n torna, i est... dubtant, But he comes back, and is doubting
I altres veus and other voices
Ressonen tamb al seu voltant. echo too around him
Vailet, no siguis anarquista Boy, don't be anarchist
I ves a la conquista (*) and go to conquest
De l'honor m s alt, of highest honor
Que al teu costat tindr... s la for a cause you'll have the force by your side
Que ens porta a l'ordre that takes us to order
I ens permet la pau. and allows peace
I en Maurici sap molt b And Maurici knows very well
Que si nom s dubta poca cosa t that if he just doubts he has little
En Maurici sap qu fer, Maurici knows what do to
Trobar... els companys he'll meet his fellows
I sortir... al carrer. and will go out the street
— 'conquista' (conquering) is wrong, it should be 'conquesta'
— 'encesa' can mean 'lighted' or 'burning