Перевод песни Peer Günt – Fuck The Jazz

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Paroles de la chanson Fuck The Jazz:
Swaggering guys like Kansas city fags
Sucking their cheecks like hungry shads
If that's a look of the rock'n'roll
There's something wrong
I know the business will take a part of me In sunshine dreams I do not believe
But there is one thing I wanna say
It never kills my blues
I don't wanna be a rock'n'roll star
Just wanna play my honky guitar
I don't give a damn to fortune and fame
Just wanna do this in my own way
There are on the cover of the big magazine
Rock star for the very first time
They don't tell what you are
They tell what you wear
Flash lights cover your way
They know what they want from you
And when years are tearn you down
You are all alone again
I've been waiting for this moment so long
And I've been dreaming this way so long time
All these years alone with my guitar
Now I know doing ain't so far
Refrain (2x)