Перевод песни Straw – Dracula Has Risen From The Grave

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The door was open so she lay down on a rug
«You policeman you do too many drugs...»
She took her shirt off and said, «This is a bust...»
I put my hands up but got trampled in the rush
And then she dared me to guess what her mother had said
On her deathbed it was «Dracula has risen from the Grave»
I lost my direction, something came up My 'resurrection' wasn't top of the pop-ups
She made me blush so I hid beneath the rug
«I'd like to help you but you do too many drugs...»
The handcuffs were on but the jury was out
When she read me my rights
She took everything down
And it scares me to think
Where her truncheon was found
But I've got the polaroids and it's freaking me out
Because she's handing them out
Everybody swears at me and you
Everybody swears you know they do...