Перевод песни Chaka Khan – My Destiny

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There's a story goin' all around
Talking about it everywhere
There's this gossip and this constant sound
Livin' in the life just ain't fair
They try to work me but it's all in vain
They'll get this baby down
They say I'm crazy, but that might well be,
but there'll be no kickin' Chaka around... cause
I'm the ruler of my destiny
If I fall then it's because of me (If I blow it it's because of me)
There is nobody who's got the power
To determine what becomes of me
I'm aware of what we're here to do And, do is our only choice
And if you like it'll be me and you,
singing with this one strong voice:
This is bigger than the both of us
I'm not afraid to walk that line
Just be natural and we can try
Every little thing's gonna turn out fine... cause
Repeat chorus
Vamp to end