Перевод песни Da Youngsta's – Tuff Cookie

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This ain’t a joke or a riddle, don’t mistake this cause I’m little
Step to this and pay a visit to the hospital
Yo Youngsta’s (Yo!) Shall we let our triggers go?
We’re kinda young but our jimmies are gettin bigger, though
We’re back to break the sound barrier
Causin hysteria in your area
I shoot the gift swift like a sniper
With the type of rhymes that get you hyper than a piper
Girls be wildin when I enter the center of the stage
They start goin on a rampage
I’m leavin you all astonished
Goin up a sucker’s mouth like a orthodentist--
I never come off soft, I ain’t feminine
I chew an MC just like a M&M
Step to this and get played like hookey
Because I’m one tuff cookie
Here’s a little somethin that the rhyme creator made
Before I grab the mic I might sip on some Gatorade
To get my voice a little moist
You can review it, listen to it, it’s your choice
I get funky like a hamper, don’t tamper cause it’s fatal
I knew I was dope since the cradle
Yo Youngsta’s (What up?) Should I drop the bomb on 'em?
Suckers be wonderin what’s the phenomenon?
But this ain’t a Chinese secret
I knew it was over when the beat went…
Yeah, that’s the way I like it
When I see a mic like lighting I strike it
I feel no competitor, I’m more like the editor
I’m like the Terminator, better yet like the Predator
I’m takin more bets than a bookie
Don’t call my bluff because I’m one tuff cookie
I’m a t-u-double f c-double o-k-i-e
Yeah, one tuff cookie, gee
The name’s T the a the r the I the k
The smooth young buck from around the way
Whoever told you that you can overtake me
You little flea step back because you’re irritatin me, gee
I’m layin suckers out with authority
Whoever told you that I was a minority
Plain and simple, all jokes aside
Cause it’s about time to let the syllable slide
Ever since I was about 5
I wanted to rhyme, but I didn’t have the time
Yo see, I had to play with my Legos
Real slow, all the adults said I was just a no-no
Just because I used to do my own thing and get paid
And sport my high-top fade
So don’t be tryin to play me like some nutball-- rookie
(Why Rik?) Because I’m (one tough cookie)