Перевод песни Da Youngsta's – Cartoons

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Loungin in my living room checkin out cartoons
Early in the mornin or in the afternoon
It’s like I fiend for the screen
Youngsta’s, you know what I mean
I know this might sound kinda 'flicted
But hey, I gotta say I’m addicted
Cause it ain’t nothin like Scooby Doo
So don’t turn the channel up out my view
24−7 hands on remote
What should I watch? Hm, I take a vote
I dig Porky Pig I’m down with Charlie Brown
Chattanooga Cats got it goin on now
Popeye is my favorite
Whoever ain’t with it can save it
Even though we’re blowin up like baloons
We still watch (cartoons)
Cartoons, man oh man, are they funny
Especially Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny
I can’t forget all the others
My Ninja Turtles and Mario Brothers
Sometimes I’m in a daze
It’s like you get the TV x-rays
I can’t put a foot out the door
Cause when I see one I gotta see more
I might make a bowl of Cheerios
And watch some Tom & Jerry shows
Then again I might wanna
Watch Elmer Fudd and the Roadrunner
I hope I didn’t forget none
Yeah, my man George Jetson
Only cows can trip over the moon
When you watch (cartoons)
C-a-r-t-double o-n-s
Is what I request and my day’s refreshed
When I’m chillin on my sofa
I watch cartoons before Oprah
I hope my TV don’t start actin up
Cause I feel like crackin up
At the Chippendales
The Smurfs and even the Duck Tales
That ain’t all, I could tell you more
Like He-Man and Skeletor
Yogi Bear, Woody Woodpecker too
And I cannot forget Mister Magoo
But the one I really like most
Is Casper the Friendly Ghost
Morning or the afternoon
I like to watch (cartoons)