Перевод песни Da Youngsta's – Count It Off

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Yo, what’s up? Yeah yeah yeah
It’s Da Youngsta’s in the house, know what I’m saying?
‘Bout to get wrecked
So flip it, Taj
We gonna count it off for you
(One, two, three!)
Ayo, step to the back when you rap ‘cause it’s none of that
I have a gat, can’t wait to smack you with a soul clap
Gonna reach for your waist, nigga don’t waste your time
Unless you’re planning to pull a beeper from your waistline
You kicking with these rhymes that I flip
Yo, so your upper lip and you’ll get hit with the roughest
I flip the script on a sucker
You wanted me to rap to, I’ma jam like Smuckers
That’s how you set it off, you know what I’m saying
But I guess I’m up next
Q-Ball in the house
Well, we gonna count you off like this!
Like this!
All right
(One, two, three!)
It’s time to destroy, boy, it’s all your fault, joy
Your fault, you’re caught now get prepared for your last
Pow! You’ll get crushed, left in the dust
Word is bond, you’ll get lost in a storm
I wreck towns, you might just call me a disaster
Master, attacker, coming straight at ‘cha
Like a Mack Truck going full speed
There’s no surviving when I’m behind the wheel driving
You’ll get smoked like you want to get scorched
The rhythm radical roughneck put in a
Lyrical slaughter, so, yo, run for the border
You try to compete, you gets beat like you did your meat
Ah, yeah!
Word up!
That’s how you do things, you know what I’m saying?
Yo, my nigga Reek up next, so flip it
I think I should kick it like this
(One, two, three!)
Take note to this one-plus series, you scared, but don’t fear me, bear with me
I give it a Chilly Willy’s dear end
So don’t stand near me, I’m greedy and drear
But got my crew on my side, so you better not tempt me
Surprise! I’m hard by my size
So don’t make a plan, or your fate right through your eyes
It only takes a sec to get wrecked, but get checked
Who’s the, you think not, you wanna bet, so step
Don’t make a sound or be next, I’ll flex
Kick your skills and get stacks, what’s next?
But your in effect, you’ll get wrecked
Yeah, yeah, so take that
Yeah, that beat was lovely, done by L.G. the Teacher
Word is bond
Yeah, that’s a little something for the Jeeps to bump to something or whatever
Know what I’m saying?
Yeah, like that
I’m just about to get out this jawn, go up 40th Street, check the movies
I’m trying to get skins, I don’t know about y’all
Get some skins
I’m going to get some skins
Let’s go up that jawn crib up to Phil, know what I’m saying?
Oh, oh yeah, yeah!