Перевод песни The Fugs – Wide Wide River

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River of shit
River of shit
Flow on, flow on, river of shit
Right from my toes
On up to my nose
Flow on, flow on, river of shit
(transition to Rock)
I've been swimming In this river of shit
More than 20 years, and I'm getting tired of it Don't like swimming, hope it'll soon run dry
Got to go on swimming, cause I don't want to die
(spoken with gospel sound in background):
Who dealt this mess, anyway?
Yea, it's an old card player's term
But sometimes you can use the old switcheroo and it can be applied to ...
Frontal politics
What I mean is ...
Who was it that set up a system
Supposedly democratic system
Where you end up always voting for the lesser of two evils?
I mean, Was George Washington the lesser of two evils?
Sometimes I wonder ...
You got some guy that says
«For God sake, we've got to stop having violence in this country.»
While he's spending 16,000 dollars a second snuffing gooks
(gospel sound musical ending)
A wiiiiiiiiiiiiide, big brown river, yea, bringing health, wealth,
and prosperity to every man, women, and child