Перевод песни Joseph Foreman – She Won't Let Me F**k

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She won’t let me fucc.
I really need to bust a nut.
She won’t let me fucc.
I really need to bust a nut.
(Hey, check this out.)
It’s so frustrating being a man, all these sexy women don’t understand
Things we need to do, every other day or two
Like take you home baby, and make sweet love to you,
But you, you won’t let me fucc.
She won’t let me fucc. (You say the mood ain’t right.)
I really need to bust a nut. (I know that pussy’s tight.)
She won’t let me fucc. (Give it to me, baby.)
I really need to bust a nut.
Her heart is still broken, (Poor baby.) her emotions are sore. (I know what you
mean, girl.)
She is trying to recover from the man before. (Hey, that’s my homeboy, cuz.)
Her ex-boyfriend, (Who, Jermaine?) he probly can’t see (shake that ass.)
that it was easy for him (uh, say what?) but he made is hard for me. (Why, man?)
Cause she, she won’t let me fucc.
She won’t let me fucc. (Aw, give it to me baby.)
I really need to bust a nut. (You know just what I need.)
She won’t let me fucc. (Girl, you eatin’all my food, you drinkin’all my beer)
I really need to bust a nut. (you smokin’all my weed!)
You rub your ass against me on the disco floor. (shake that ass.)
I asked you for your number and you said 'Hell no!'
(That's alright. Hey, fuck that bitch look at that one over there, cuz.)
You always hang around me everyday. Different women wanna kick it,
but you scare them away.
Now I get offended when you come around, cause I’m tired of my organs (Your
organs?) going up and down. That sucks, cause she won’t let me fucc.
She won’t let me fucc. (Aw, give it to me baby, give it to me honey.)
I really need to bust a nut. (Don't play with my head again.)
She won’t let me fucc. (Let me hit it baby, let me hit it baby.)
I really need to bust a nut. (Are you a lesbian?)
Oh, let me lick it baby. Let me stick it honey. Buccoooc!
I’ll give you my money.
Girl, you can have it all. Go ahead and have a ball.
If you want, you can take them both, baby.
In the year 2000 I see thousands of pretty young women I find arousin'
Grocery store shopping, magazine browsin', many different ways they keep their
hair styles and
Full of boredom, I walk toward 'em, get 'em close to me cause I’m supposed to be Male aggressor, female impresser. Say the right things, possibly undress her.
But that’s the post game, this is still the pre-game.
Silly woman She-game. Baby, what’s your name?
Even though I’m a freak, I play it off like a college geek, crack a smile and
politely speak
With intellect to the woman I select, hoping that she won’t detect
my egotistical chauvinistical lust I thrust 'til I scream like Mystical.
The wrong message I hope I’m not sending. Laughing and pretending my dick’s not
Can’t be overzealous, she might discover. She’s walkin’away, (Biatch!
) blew my cover.
She won’t let me fucc. (You know I love you.)
I really need to bust a nut. (Please don’t change the subject.)
She won’t let me fucc. (We coulda fucked all night long)
I really need to bust a nut. (but, but, but, but your telephone number is wrong.)
She won’t let me fucc. (Girl you got a lot to give.)
I really need to bust a nut. (You dress, you dress, so provocative.)
She won’t let me fucc. (I can see your lingerie, from real far away.)
I really need to bust a nut. (Bitch, you must think I’m gay.)
Don’t make me beg. Baby, let me rub your leg.
Don’t make me cry. Look into my eye.
Girl, you damn pretty. Stop actin’so, ____? Put some oil on your titt--.
Hey, man, I’m up outta here. She don’t wanna fuck.