Перевод песни Melanie – Save Me

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Hey you in the distance, you smiled from my past
Here's a song I wrote for you and all I'm left to do Is feel when I sing it She speaks in staccato and she writes without rhyme
I keep leaving love about and keeping myself out
All that's left is to feel it and I feel all the time
Save me, save me...
Take the lady out walking with a bottle of wine
Kiss a little in the glow of the drinking if it snows
She won't freeze and shatter
Let her down with the dawning, let her break like she will
Cause there's nothing you can do
I'm the kind that makes it through, just to crumble and shatter
But she's just being silly, so what does it matter
Save me, save me Save me, save me, save me...
Take my dreams on vacation to a room with a view
Out the window all I see is the space inside of me That could be filled with you
Love lost in the difference of opinions you're gone
And I'm home again with pride and a little love inside
And a lot more alone
And a lot more alone...
All my doorways are open on todays without form
And I cover up the night and the warmth of love and light
And the yet to be born
I'm closing the distance with love in the far, far away
Save me...
Oh save me, save me, save me...