Перевод песни The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – In The Arena

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In the arena the crowd is restless
Tonight, one time only, 1500 white-collar
Gun carrying, club-bearing policemen
The city's finest, will charge unarmed children, mothers
Crippled, hippies, freaks, professors and other peace marchers
Never before have you been able to witness so much cruelty
Live and in color
In the privacy of your own room
Peaceful people
Offering opinions
Protesting what you sincerely know is wrong
Be ready: you will probably be beaten
You will probably be arrested and questioned
Your beliefs will be twisted
Your rights will be forgotten
Be ready, be ready
You will probably be beaten
In the arena, next week, in person
Due to popular demand
Negro looters of all ages will be shot
Come early for the best seats
Come early, for the good times start at 2pm