Перевод песни The Association – Under Branches

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Where did the man go?
Where is the hero?
He'd like to see you
Under branches, looking into a stream
An ordinary day
And the leaves seem to fall upside down
They're making a crown
For the man who wishes to stay
Even though he is afraid
Overlooking just what he is looking for
An ordinary day
And the sun seems to say welcome home
You don't have to roam anymore
Under branches, looking into a stream
Now that I'm certain
There's no one to blame
Now that I'm certain
I am ashamed
I could never tell if I loved her
There was always more than another
Every day I tried to arrest her
Thought I was a cop, not a jester
It doesn't matter
Whether I'm right or wrong
Begging your pardon
I'll set ya free, so long
Can I look at your beauty? (x3)
As deep as I can see
As deep as that may be