Перевод песни The Association – The Machine

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In order to combat the sudden influx of machines into our society
I would like to show you a machine of rare and unusual construction
It's called an Association machine
Composed of many integral parts
The first being a semi-reclined percussive invertebrator, or drummer
The smallest single component of the machine
Is the new transistorized, model, primal-digit-flexing calculator,
or lead guitar
In the center of the machine we see a flexible rhythm generator,
known as rhythm guitar
Immediately to his left we see a manifold bifurcated facilitator
Next is a consistent low-range modulator
Last, but not least, the largest single component in captivity
An elongated, fluting vocalizator
This machine, when programmed correctly
Emits a variety of sounds and rhythmic patterns
Ladies and gentlemen, The Association