Перевод песни The Pretenders – Up The Neck

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Anger and lust
My senses running amok
Bewildered and deluded
Have I been hit by a truck
When my tongue lay inside his lip
Felt like the time in the womb
But I woke up with a headache that split my skull
Alone in the room
I got down on the floor with my head pressed between my knees
Under the bed with my teeth sunk into my own flesh
I said, baby, oh sweetheart
Lust turns to anger
A kiss to a slug
Something was sticky
On your shag rug, look at the tile
I remember the way he groaned
And moved with an animal skill
I rubbed my face in the sweat that ran down his chest
I was all, very, run of the mill
I noticed his scent started to change somehow
His face went berserk, veins bulged on his... brow
I said baby, oh sweetheart
Bondage to lust
Abuse of facility
Blackmailed emotions confuse
The demon and devotee
I was sure his attentions were sweet
And that mine was as well
But a wish is a shot in the dark
When your coin's down the well
I got out in the hall with my teeth in my head
Up to my neck I said, said, said
I said baby, oh sweetheart