Перевод песни Tony Joe White – Beouf River Road

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There was a bad cloud in the north
When I woke up this morning
And to tell y'all the truth
I was feeling kind of bad myself
I walked out on the porch
And the day was a-dawning
It was such a blue day
That I wished I just stayed in bed
I heard the treefrogs calling
And then the rain started falling down
On Beouf River Road
I looked up the dirt road
Lord and the water was rising
I'd seen the rain upon the water
And the little man dancing
My daddy said y'all better get your things together
'Cause old beouf river done overflowed his banks again
I picked up my cats and my coonhound
And we all had a laugh off some high brow
Away from Beouf River Road
Ever since the time that I got old enough to remember
Old beouf river has flooded time and time again
But we'd always go back
And gather up all our belongings
And open up the windows and doors
And let the sunshine in I know it may sound funny
But I won't trade it for no amount of money
My life on Beouf River Road
On Beouf River Road