Перевод песни The Foremen – Black

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My life is black
My beret is black
My apartment is black
My girlfriend is, well, she's very tan
Oh, vast blatant train yard of apocalyptic America, hissing and groaning like a horse on fire with a wick like gravy in Evanston like stone
Greasing the abnormal skillet of anti-ardorous desire dropping dollops in dreamlike cornucopias until nightfall of concupiscent somnolence 'til the
schoolboys know... and the carnival barkers know... and the legions of lowing
lettuce pickers know, and all those in and out of the «know» know that roaches
are building a motel for us America! You're an unfriendly waitress with bad cappuccino
«I'm in pain,» he said
I said, «I know what you mean.»
«No,» he said, «I'm in pain.»
I said, «I know what you mean.»
He said, «No, man, you're standing on my foot.»
Come with me now for I feel the tiny teeth of time on my tremorous testicles
like two twin tintypes of -- I hate it when I get stuck on «t»
Come now and weep sweet elevators of glorious infatuation niceties,
covered like miserable telephones in the Arizona dawn of cracked brake drums
and creaky screen porches, glowering on the eternal Friday like Ulysses Grant
in a swimsuit rolling his own... like Catholicism, like cool mud,
like some wild sirocco of canvas backdrop nothiningness in a cucumber sandwich
called Suffering. God, that's good
And in America, when the sun goes down, and the tide goes out, and the people
gather 'round and they all begin to shout...
When, in resonant sweet shoop alleyways the hyena calls of drunken Spaniards
rattle the glass where I, in second floor oyster bars, sit, digging it...
where dogs eat dictionaries and vomit complete sentences. When now, and now,
and now go the clanging departures of cosmos after cosmos, and we,
fired like tiny arrows arc toward death, I think of Dean Moriarty.
I even think of old Dean Moriarty
I look at where I am, and I know it is time to find a new... booking agent.
(Look at this dump.)