Перевод песни The Foremen – My School Prayer

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Now I lay me down to learn
Which to read and which to burn
Pray the Lord my soul to turn
Over to the school board
Free to worship as I please
Long as it pleases the authorities
Hear me praying on my knees
My School Prayer
Once again, boys and girls, I'll remind you that this activity is not mandatory,
and those of you who don't believe in a Judeo-Christian God as defined by Congress, should feel free to sit quietly with your fingers in your ears,
like the atheistic heathen you are. Agnostics may want to plug just one ear
May my every sneeze be blessed
May I pass I urine test
May my mind be underestimated
And ignored, Lord
Keep my classroom safe and clean
Sanctify my M16
Every morning 8:15
It's my School Prayer
God bless California, Arizona, North Dakota, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire,
Ohio and New York, of course
The forty-eight contiguous
And the two ambiguous
The greatest country God ever saved from the pagans
And while we're at it, dear Lord, bless the Reagans
God is good and God is great
So we'd hate to separate
Church from state or ourselves from patriarchy
And theocracy
Peace on earth, Thy kingdom come
Into my curriculum
Make my head a hollow drum
Strike me dumb
Except to mumble
My School Prayer