Перевод песни Rodney Crowell – Wish You Were Her

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Booked passage on an ocean liner
Went out on the sea
Sat at the captain’s table
She was seated next to me
She brushed my arm discretely
With the pearls around her neck
She looked like Rita Hayworth in her low cut black silk dress
We went up to her cabin
And laughed the whole night through
Over champagne and jet planes and hot cars broken into
Having a wonderful time
Wish you were her
I traveled to the south of France
Checked into a pink hotel
She was standing by the croupier
The dice were in her spell
I staked my whole fortune
On a hand of baccarat
She moved around behind the bank
And she brought me luck
We got into a fast car
And sped into the night
And watched the sun come up over St. Paul de Vence
Having a wonderful time
Wish you were her
I set sail for Egypt
The great pyramids
I crawled into the darkness
To where the pharaohs lived
Walked out into the evening
She was bathing in the Nile
She took me to her caravan
Where she danced around the fire
I’ve never been so happy to be so miserable
I’ve tried hard to forget you, but I can’t run fast enough
Having a wonderful time
Wish you were her
Having a wonderful time
Wish you were her
Wish you were her
I wish you were her