Перевод песни Justin Warfield – Dip Dip Divin'

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Ah well ya dip dip dive and ya socialize
Ya clean out your ears and ya open your eyes
Takin out MCs when I'm on the rise
Never do the live range low in the highs
Well I sleep all day, do my thing at night
Bump an eight track tape, sky rockets in flight
I'm rockin my rhymes with a dusted might
Or kickin back at my crib, afternoon delight
I got love (love) American style
I bust a jimmy crack corn and a choc-o-dile
I got skills (skills) like fortune has five double o
And you know that I high profile
Sucker MCs they might try to test
But after steppin to the kid well then the mic goes flex
On an old school cap bust an old school rap
And if you pop junk sucker then ya might get slapped
When I'm in New York I always jump the styles
For a token they be hopin but they just get smiles
Five-O runnin on the platform chasin
Leavin tracks of my shelltoes
Lose em like the wind blows often, I'm never soften
I might be coughin
Throw ya on the third rail and you'll end up in a coffin
You know why?
Because I'm dip dip divin!
Ah to the the beat y'all and ya don't stop
Ah freak freak y'all until the sure shot
I spend my days rockin the ill type of mad beats
Eatin fish and chicken but never ever red meat
Got a smooth rough style and and a caeser on top
With a hood and a wink while the beat flip flop
Ya drop out the drums but I nice it acapella
Dishin out styles like a lucky ready teller
Never smack a girl, never smoke no dust
But I feel it on the mic when I'm runnin from the fuzz
An LP poet, no smock, just scales
Bust a yes yes y'all over diggy drum veils
An old school rhyme while I socialize
Now never will say freeze, I'll just say dip dip dive!