Перевод песни Sweetwater – Don't Give A Hoot

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In a world filled with all kinds of people
It sure is a crying shame
Crying shame
For the love of the love one another
They must find someone to blame
And there's a minor running after me
He's telling stop before I shoot
I say nobody gives a hoot
About me and you
Yesterday I visited my mama
And told her about the shape I'm in
The day before I ran into my brother
And I know my dept to him
And now today, I'm still undescovered
Ain't nothing that metter, give a hand
I say nobody gives a hoot
About who they are going to shoot
Don't you think about it
Matin didn't have long
And everybodyis talking about a revolution
Nobody gives a hoot
About me and you
They jus't don't care