Перевод песни The Electric Prunes – I Happen to Love You

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All my pride has been confiscated
I overestimated my ability to hold out
I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t think
Of anything but you, babe
And it’s not that I don’t know your kind
Your aim is to mess up my mind
And now I know you’ll succeed, yes, indeed
I go down, hang around till I crawl
Feeling small
And there’s not a thing at all that I can do, babe
But I happen to love you, baby
Ooh, I love you, baby
I just can’t stop your image from flashing
Smashing my willpower, doing me in, girl
Mama came, Mama saw, Mama conquered
It’s really nothing new, babe
Now I know just where I’m at
I don’t get another turn at bat
Now that I’ve begged, I’ll get dragged to the pit
Thrown in it
And there just ain’t no help 'cause I can’t help myself
And I don’t expect any from you, babe
But I happen to love you, baby
Mm, I love you, baby
Now I know just where I’m bound
It gets hot that far underground
Now that I’m caught, I’ll get taught how to squirm, how to squeal
Be a worm on your heel
Yeah, I know the kind of deal I’ll only get from you, babe
But I happen to love you, baby
I just happen to love you, baby