Перевод песни Jarvis Cocker – I Can't Forget

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I stumbled out of bed. I got ready for the struggle
I smoked a cigarette and I tightenend up my gut
I said this can’t be me, must be my double
And I can’t forget, I can’t forget
I can’t forget but I don’t remember what
I’m burning up the road. I’m heading down to
Phoenix. I got this old address of someone that
I knew. It was high and fine and free, ah you
Should have seen us. And I can’t forget, I can’t
Forget, I can’t forget but I don’t remember who
I’ll be there today with a big bouquet of cactus. I
Got this rig that runs on memory. And I promise, cross
My heart, they’ll never catch us. But if they do just tell
Them it was me
I loved you all my life, and that’s how I want to end
It. The summer’s almost gone. The winter’s tuning
Up. Yeah, the summer’s gone but a lot goes on
Forever. And I can’t forget, I can’t forget, I can’t
Forget but I don’t remember what