Перевод песни Jeff Foxworthy – Nasa & Alabama & Fishing Shows

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We've been goin everywhere in this tour, I mean not just big cities,
we're goin everywhere
We were in Huntsville, Alabama A couple a months ago and uh, You know even
Growin up in the south I never realized the NASA space camp was in Huntsville,
Cuz that's just two words that dont seem like they belong together,
NASA and Alabama
Cuz they might be trainin' 'em there, they're not lettin people from Alabama
fly this stuff
«HEY HOUSTON, IT'S DARK AS CRAP UP HERE! Waitaminnit I did it wrong,
Break one-nine!
Look, we got problems, Ed's dun busted out the capsule winda' tryin to hit a Satelite with a beer bottle! And we need to know how to unstop the toilet, the
Boys ate all the freeze-dried chili and they're tore up somethin bad!»
And you know the thing is, southerners are as smart as anybody else in this
Our only problem is we just can't keep the most ignorant amongst us off the
That's the truth. I mean, every time we have a disaster, they never film a doctor or a lawyer
They always get that woman in the moo-moo and the sponge rollers. «It was
Pandelerium! I thought we'd be killed or even worse. I looked out the window in time to see
The chicken's house go right over our roof! All I could think was Caroline
still has my casserole
And I love 'em, but you know those fishin' shows arent helpin' our image any
Either. There is somethin about a fishin show, if yer channelsurfing and ya come to one
It will hypnotize you. Cuz ya always end up watchin it for a few minutes and
it's the same
Thing every week. «Hey there friends, We're fishin on ol' lake Witchahatchee
and Today
We're fishin with our old buddy Jerry Reed. Course lotuvya might remember
Ol' Jerry caught the biggest bass ever caught on our show, and like all our
Ol' Jerry let 'im go. We had ta whack 'is ass with a boat paddle,
but ol' Jerry let 'im go Well, today they're not bitin too good, That's why Jerry and I were gonna try
Of these deep-runnin lures and We're gonna spray 'em with some of this
P-U-Stink bait
Whoooo, hoo-hoo-hooooo, well that's one product that lives up to it's name
right there
Jerry, smell my finger, tell me that dont stink. I tell ya one thing friends
You spray that on your lure you can scratch fish off the grocery list And hey,
another thing
Remember conservation is everybody's responsibility, so when yer out on the
lake drinkin
Beer, dont just fling yer cans out the boat, fill 'em up with water,
make sure they sink to the