Перевод песни Joe Pass – Soon

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Wait a minute, baby
You packinЂ™ your bags
How soon
Naw, donЂ™t do that
Wait a minute
Why donЂ™t you stay a while
How soon
We can work this out
Sit down
LetЂ™s talk about it Chorus:
I miss your smiling face
The smell of your perfume
Girl, this damn bed is cold
Nothing to hold on to Oh yeah, the phone is cool
But girl, I need you here
Be it plane, train, or automobile
How soon can you get here
IЂ™m gonna miss you
More than you know
Every time you leave
I wanna beg you not to go We have so much fun, girl
DonЂ™t we though
When you pack your
Bags to leave
I try not to let
My feelings show
ItЂ™s so hard for me Especially when
You been around
Distant lovers
Is what we are
And girl
ItЂ™s breakinЂ™ me down
Repeat chorus
When will I see you?
ItЂ™s never too soon
Can you come
In the morning
And leave later
On that afternoon?
See, IЂ™m just as scared
Whenever youЂ™re away
Girl, IЂ™d give anything
Just to see you everyday
ItЂ™s so hard for me Especially after
YouЂ™ve been around
Distant lovers
Are what we are
And girl
ItЂ™s breakinЂ™ me down
YouЂ™re a career girl
You gotta do What you gotta do As much as I want
You here with me Girl, IЂ™m so damn
Proud of you
Repeat chorus twice
Get here, get here
Yeah, yeah
How soon
Ooh, baby
Girl, I hate to see you leave
CanЂ™t you see itЂ™s killing me Be it plane
Train or automobile
Get here
Repeat chorus twice